About danita jo

marketing + photography

Before starting my own business, I served the bulk of my career as Vice President of Marketing at the leading financial services institution, Citigroup. It was there that I learned the science behind marketing, and grew a passion for tracking results and quantifying success.  I developed an eye for design with a foundation of strategy.

Along the way, my travels fueled my creative eye and I began taking photographs of the places I encountered and the people I met.  With a passport and camera in hand I learned to use natural light, vibrancy of color, and the beauty of nature as tools to create accessibility to my photography.  

With 15+ years of experience and a full set of problem solving tools in my toolbelt, I decided to use my superhero powers for good. It was then that my focus turned to helping non-profits get their stories told, messages clearly delivered and local communities engaged. 

Behind the lens of a camera, I am constantly seeing and capturing events with a marketing perspective.  My marketing brain begins asking what messages the photos needed to help convey.  My focus is on how the pictures and messages would work together towards the same goal.  I constantly think about how the pictures are going to be used, as Facebook posts, in promo posters, with blogs, or within email content.  

And with that marketing+photography backdrop, my unique perspective as a marketographer is born.   


behind the lens

Danita Jo's love of travel has inspired her photography around the world as well as in her own backyard.  Bringing the commonplace to life, each image stands on its own.  Experiencing them collected together, her global perspective reveals itself.  She uses natural light, vibrancy of color, and the beauty of nature as tools to create accessibility to her work.



Thanks for checking out my work.   I’m honored that you want to know a bit more about me. 

The first thing people ask, is “can I call you DJ”.  The truth is that I call myself Danita Jo, but yes, you can call me DJ.  I answer to anything that even slightly resembles my name.  That comes with the territory of having an uncommon name. There's just a few important things you should know about me.

I like to share.  Info, gear, gadgets, tips and of course cool stuff I’ve seen.  I guess I first learned this in kindergarten, but I definitely perfected it in adulthood.  When I read the book, The Tipping Point, I discovered they call people like me mavens.   "Mavens are really information brokers, sharing and trading what they know."  And so you should expect to get a fair share of information from me, especially if you follow my blog and Facebook page, or Pinterest board.

I really like to go places.  A lot. As in, if a genie gave me 3 wishes, I'd spend all of them making my travel dreams come true.  Limiting it to just 3 places would be my problem.  I mean, I like the places around the corner just as much as the ones around the world.  But because I want to plan ahead, just in case a genie does pop out of a bottle, I’ve asked every traveler I’ve run across one very important question, “of all the places you’ve been, where is your top must see location”.  And so my list grows.  But for now, it’s starting with Machu Picchu, the Grand Canyon, and India (although the 3rd is large enough to count for at least 2). 

When you put all of these things together, I’m hoping you’ll find inspiration. After all, that’s what drives me.  And I love to photograph it, discovering the world around me and slowing down just enough to enjoy it. 

-Danita Jo




photography work around town:

May 11  SoWa Open Market, South End, Boston MA
Jun 6  The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) First Fridays Flowers, Boston MA
Jun 15  SoWa Open Market, South End, Boston MA
Jun 24  The Sportsmen's Tennis and Enrichment Center, Dorchester MA
Jul 25  ICA Wavelengths Series:  Peaches, Boston MA
Jul 27  SoWa Open Market, South End, Boston MA
Aug 1  ICA First Fridays White Hot, Boston MA

Jul 11  ICA Gala & Party on the Harbor, Boston MA
Jul 27  Jason + Eva Wedding, Mass Audubon, Belmont MA
Aug 13  ICA First Fridays Beach Party, Boston MA
Sep 27  ICA Artists Talk w/ Proenza & Shouler, Boston MA
Oct 27  ICA Uncorked Wine & Dinner Auction, Boston MA
Nov 11  Sportsmen's Tennis & Education Center Harvest Festival, Dorchester MA
Apr 20-May 14 Somerville Artist' Choice Exhibit, Somerville Museum, Somerville MA
May 5-6 Somerville Open Studios, The Armory, Somerville MA
Sep 22-23  Jamica Plain Open Studios, Jamaica Plain MA
Oct 5 ICA First Fridays Fashion Forward, Boston MA
Apr 15-May 14  Somerville Artists' Choice Exhibit, Somerville Museum, Somerville MA
Apr 30-May 1  Somerville Open Studios, The Armory, Somerville MA
May 25  United Way Community Baby Shower, Hiberian Hall, Roxbury MA
Aug 16  Tickets for Charity Fenway Fantasy Day, Boston MA

Apr 25 United Way Board Connection, Boston MA
Sep 17 BOSTnet "All Means All" Conference, Boston MA