marketing + photography

How can I help?

With a marketing brain and an eye for photography, my approach to growing your business combines key messages and visual storytelling, built on a solid foundation of strategies aligned with your business goals. And because your business is not like anyone elses, neither will be the way I help.   

Marketing services:  

  • Business Evaluation
  • Marketing Strategic Plan
  • Tactictal Action Plan
  • Marketing Plan Implementation
  • Maintenance Coaching
  • Ongoing Support


  • Events
  • Parties
  • Portraits
  • Travel /Destination
  • Promotional

I build small business growth strategies for start ups and stalled companies.  I create actionable marketing plans tailored for your business needs, get you started and teach you how to keep it up yourself.  

  • I can help translate your business goals into marketing ideas
  • I will create workflows and step by step processes, as well as ongoing maintenance
  • I can help you figure out what you can do yourself, know when you need to outsource the work and how to identify the right people to get the job done.
  • I will provide you with easy to use, low cost tools to help, including templates for repeatability. 


Drop me a line or call today for a custom consultation!

You’re choosy about who you work with.  I am too.  I’m not a snob, but I know that believing in your business and its cause is something that drives me to deliver the best results – the kind that will help your business grow. 

I’ve worked with both for-profit and non-profits in a variety of industries, but my sweet spot is creating turn-key marketing programs for organizations based on evaluation of your business needs and goals.  I balance marketing strategy and process development with tactical plan execution.  Best of all, I’ll get the program off the ground and teach your team how to maintain it. 

Don’t think any of this work quite represents your business? I’d love to talk to you about my experiences that are similar to your interests, and how I might be able to help your company.  Together we can build a custom marketing campaign.